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internal combustion

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Internal Combustion is the first full-length record from the Montreal-based band, Lawful Citizen. Fueled by a fiery vision, the music takes a deep journey through the entire spectrum of human emotion. This album is influenced by the history of the internal combustion engine, particularly in the early days of motorcycle racing and land speed record attempts. The feeling of grit, brutality and rawness, along with the entire sensory experience surrounding the extreme danger were the largest inspirations for this music.

After developing the music over a course of a year, the tracks were recorded, mixed, and mastered in Montreal. The resulting journey weaves together the somber and the rough. The band’s signature sound is on full display with searing sax, fierce guitar, guttural bass, and propulsive drums. Their raucous blend of musical brutality, heavy emotion, and forward momentum is perfect for this moment in time.

Fearlessly combining jazz, metal, electronic, and Americana, Lawful Citizen is an explosive force on the Canadian jazz scene. Formed in 2015 after meeting at McGill University, the band name reflects the discord felt by the common man, between remaining complacent and refusing to abide. The pendulum of their music swings from subtle beauty to relentless rage, driven by the musicality and sensitivity of the four musicians.

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Evan Shay is a very unique and exciting composer and performer. He is a crazed musical lumberjack, wielding the saxophone like a chain saw harvesting ideas from the woods of the world's music to build his own fascinating and wacky sound structures. His music makes me smile and gives me hope.
Lawful Citizen is one of a few new groups that I heard that had such a unique sound. Evan Shay, both as a writer and a sax player, has a voice that is both original and appealing. I was very inspired by this music.

Remi Bolduc

Having worked with Evan Shay in many contexts, I can safely say that I have become one of his number one fans. This magnificent new recording shows that, beyond his outstanding mastery of the instrument, flawless musicianship, and boundless creativity, there is, above all, a honest, fearless, totally dedicated spirit, and, most importantly in my opinion, a devastating emotional charge, a story, and a journey. To me, this is what music is all about and it is rare, these days, to be exposed to such artistry.

Jean-Michel Pilc

internal combustion

new release

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